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21 Day Challenge | Aug-Sep 2018 | Day 9

It’s been slightly over a week since I started the 21 Day Challenge, but man, it feels like it’s over two weeks! I wanted to write a quick post to update you all on my progress.

Wake up early:

Achievement: 7 days out of 9 days, averaging around 7.30 AM.

This one has not been much of a struggle since I put my mind to it. I usually try to get to bed around 11.30 PM, and have been mostly successful in doing so.

Waking up in the mornings is made easier because of the promise of the fresh smoothie that I have made a practice of making every day now. I also go for a walk every day and sit in the small park behind my apartment for a couple of minutes, taking the time to feel grateful about the things that I have in my life. I also spend those minutes observing nature: birds flying, chirping, the white clouds in the royal blue sky, the buildings.

On that note, I wanted to share with you all a not-so-clear picture of my cute neighbor, The Squirrel!


These days I spend a lot of time at the table, studying and I observed The Squirrel sit on a specific branch around 9 in the morning for two days! The sun is usually bright at the time, and I like to think that The Squirrel likes to sunbathe. I guess for me it is so exciting because I usually see the squirrels moving so fast on the trees that watching them rest feels like such a delight! I hope I see The Squirrel tomorrow as well!

Find a career purpose:

I have made good progress in this as well. I have been working as an analyst for the past three years and have taken on many multidimensional roles in this time. However, currently, I am in the services industry, and I realize that I miss out on the excitement of building a product that I had in college working on small electronics projects. So, I wish to get back to the product domain. I have been studying to build up the relevant skillsets and also opened up towards new opportunities.

For at least my 5 year plan, I hope to get to a product manager role, which require quite a diverse array of skill-sets ranging from tech expertise to eye for design to sales attributes. Eventually, when I feel I am in a position to do so, I might open something of my own, so I can apply my career learnings there and enjoy the excitement of building something of my own.

Taking this 21 day challenge has enabled me to think in a specific direction and put certain behaviors around them.

Okay, time to head off from the blog now. I’ll see you all in another post, soon-ish! 🙂



21 Day Challenge |Aug-Sep 2018 | Day 1

If you have been part of my journey on this space for a long time, you might have found me complaining multiple times about not being able to wake up early in the recent times. Throughout my childhood and college, I have been an early riser. However, three years into work life not only made me a night owl, but also very guilty of my lifestyle.

Having completed three years in my current workplace, it is time to take a hard look at my career opportunities and scope out what I wish to do in future. Unfortunately for me, I never had a fixed career goal growing up. For a long time (between sixth to eighth grades, I believe), I wanted to be an air hostess. Then I wanted to be a doctor. Then a journalist. Then writer.

In reality, however, I studied to become an engineer. I joined the workforce to be an analyst. And now, suddenly, I can’t seem to find what is the purpose of my work life. Of course, money is a motivator. But at times, I feel that there could be so much that could be achieved in life through work: there are so many things to try out but I am just whiling away my life complaining about lack of opportunities.

Yesterday, one of our new managers took me aside and asked me to prioritize my goals into buckets of urgent and important. I work in client services model in a fast paced industry. While being in a firefighting mode, working every day on an one-day turnaround basis, somewhere it became a part of my life. In this time, I failed to work out what I really wanted from my workplace, what did I want to achieve in my life, what skill-sets I wish to build.

That chat with my manager motivated me a lot: he has been in the industry for about 20 years and he told me that he saw potential in me. That means something! I felt incredibly inspired.

Interestingly, I woke up at 6.45 AM today, and instead to getting back to sleep for another couple of hours, I decided to get up, go for my 45 minutes morning walk, come back and write my heart out to identify the priorities in life. I did not take my phone on the walk, and usually, I spend a lot of time thinking about a variety of things on my walks. That’s when the idea to start the 21 Day Challenge struck me!

I recently learned on the Pick Up Limes blog that people say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I wanted to use that concept and apply it to my life. So from today until the 19th of September, I will be on a rigorous 21 day mission to achieve the following goals:

  • Wake up early (around 7-7.30 AM) – I want to create a few morning rituals for myself, e.g. morning walk, making a nice smoothie and breakfast, learning something or building a skill-set that helps in future career goals. I already practice the first two, but I want to develop on the third
  • Find the purpose of my life career-wise – I want to understand the things that excite me in the workplace, can lead to a sustainable source of income. I feel my generation is quite conflicted as far as career goals are concerned. Of course money is important, but we also feel bored at our work. We are inspired by the amazing stories of entrepreneurship and want our money to grow even as we sleep, but we don’t even know if we have it in us to start something new. By the end of these 21 days, I want to have figured out my 5 year plan, and have actively started on the things that can help me achieve that goal

At this point, I am not sure if I am going to blog the entire 21 days of the challenge, but you can definitely expect a bunch of posts in this series. I’d be happy to keep you all posted on my progress, so your feedback can inspire me to work harder towards my goals.

Are you at cross-roads in your career? Is there a habit that you have been trying to build for the longest time but haven’t quite gotten started on it? I invite you to be part of this challenge. Come, let’s together achieve our goals!

Love and peace,

Arpita ❤