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Both my books, Bound by Life and How I tamed the dragon named fear, will be available for FREE on Amazon over the coming two days (10th Apr – 11th Apr, 2017).

If you have not downloaded a copy yet, this would a great time!

91igPfS6LfL._SL1500_Bound by Life, my first venture into self-publishing, is a collection of ten short stories. The protagonists are from different walks of Indian life: from tea-vendors on the pavements of Salt Lake, a leading IT hub in West Bengal (Manorama Tea Stall) to a young village boy performing in a circus in a city. The stories are simple tales of day-to-day lives of the common man. If simplicity is your thing, I am sure you’ll enjoy this collection.

cover2How I tamed the dragon named fear is my first venture into non-fiction. It is a self-help book centered around overcoming fears in our day-to-day lives. In this book, I talk about the things that have worked for me over the years in dealing with my fears.

Book Links:

Bound by Life | How I tamed the dragon named fear

I eagerly await your feedback upon reading both the books. As always, your feedback is what makes my writing better, so a review would be the best gift from you to me.


Of Amazon self-publishing, book reviews and free book promotions!

It’s been more than eight months that I published my first ebook through Amazon. Since then, the platform has seen much change. The KENP standard that measured the number of pages in a Kindle ebook, underwent change: according to the earlier version of KENP, my book was 189 pages long. According to the new standard it is 143 pages only.

That of course means that I am no longer getting the amount I used to get when a reader read my book through Kindle Unilimited/KOLL. But again, the point of me publishing a book was not really about the money – even though every single rupee I earn from the Bound by Life campaign gives me more delight than the salary I get from my day job. I’m sure many writers would relate to this. So, every time I check the number of reviews of my book on Amazon, my heart skips a beat. I tremble inside with a mix of fear and excitement, wondering what the reader had to say about the book. So far, I have six positive reviews on Amazon. But every new review makes me feel as excited as the first one. To be read by someone who you don’t know and to be appreciated for your effort feels thrilling!


I especially loved the honest words in the latest review. The fact that I am a new, unknown author probably makes a lot of readers think twice before considering reading this book. In this age of consumerism, everyone wants to be sure that the product they are considering is worth their time and money.

bbl1 (3) - CopySo, I decided to lift the money constraint from the equation for some time. From April 8th to April 12th, Bound by Life will be available for free on Amazon. My target is to sell at least a 100 free copies of the book this April.

But I need your help to be able to do so. How do you think I should proceed to be able to sell 100 free copies? If you have had any experience in promoting books, please share the tips with me. You can reach out to me using the Contact form below.

Looking forward to hearing all you book enthusiasts! Also, feel free to share about the free promotion on your blog/social media platforms, You may also share the promotional images that I use on this blog for this purpose.