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Bug Infestation is real!!

We all have seen multiple advertisements of pest control on billboards, TV and other forms of social media. But, I was blissfully unaware of how huge the problem could be until very recently.

I have been seeing cockroaches in the house for the past few months. Last night, I discovered bedbugs in my bed!

It’s like all hell breaking loose. This incident has made it all the more important to maintain cleanliness in the house. Right now, I am reading up about tackling the bugs, but I have a feeling that we need a more regular cadence of cleaning up.

On other note, my new roommate got chicken pox! I was under the impression that chicken pox usually happens in springtime. Apparently, that’s not the case. Since I have not got it before, I am starting to think of ways to prevent it from getting too severe.

Talk about adult life problems! 😦

However, I am trying my best to keep up a cheery mood, because I feel that being sad will in fact increase the chances of falling sick. So, here’s to more smiles!

Until later!