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The Day of St. Valentine

The clock struck twelve a.m. and the first thing that hit my eyes was the wannabe-cute doodle that Google has put up for the day. I mean I love Google (I am in the analytics industry, do I have a choice?). But honestly, I do love Google. I think they are great! I love Google doodles even better! But why do they have to scream Valentine’s from the center of the homepage? I mean what are those birds anyway? Ducks? What’s ducks got to do with love anyway? Oh wait, let me Google it!

<goes to Google home page, screams and returns to WordPress>

God! Now I have to spend the whole day dodging the homepage. Difficulty level: 99999999999!

Anyways, while the lovers break their heads over the shade of red of rose they must get and the shopkeepers buy Mercedes with their sky-rocketed prices, let me spread some love for all the single folks out there! If you are single (like me), here’s some digital love with chocolate sauce for you. Slurppp! Dang, it’s tasty!

I know they don’t celebrate a day for us singles (says something about how the world hates freedom), but guys and gals, if you are single on 14th Feb, 2018, do not shed copious tears. Go buy some popcorn (because why not) and watch some Zakir Khan on YouTube (or Amazon Prime if you can afford it 😉 ). I assure you, you will walk away feeling prouder for your single-hood. If anything can get you over a break up in 2018, this guy has to be that person! #HaqSeSingle



P.S: To all couples out there, don’t feel left out. I will have an awesome post for you next year (I hope, I hope, I hope!).