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The Infinity Dreams Award

I am way, way too late in posting this, but better late than never, eh? The wonderful Trudy at Rendezvous en New York nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award about a month ago. I was a bit caught up at the moment and couldn’t get on with the response-post, but thank you so much Trudy for the nomination. I met Trudy while taking a Blogging University course and enjoyed interacting with her. She writes about her experiences in New York in her blog, besides other things, so if you wanna know New York up close, do visit her blog.


The Rules:

1.Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.

2.Tell us 11 facts about yourself.

3.Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.

4.Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

11 Facts about Myself:

  1. I have no idea why tea is so important to people. I’d have some Cold Coffee at Cafe Coffee Day anytime, but I am not a coffee person, either. Find it weird, anyone?
  2. Music doesn’t speak to me. Yes, I do occasionally hum tunes, but I don’t have any music stored in my hard disk. My phone has only four songs! Oh, and don’t ask what they are.
  3. Popular fiction is great, but literary fiction is my thing.
  4. I will travel inter-state for the first time in my life later this year.
  5. The strongest love relationships that I have stemmed from an initial hate. Case in point: Tyrion Lannister, and recently, Jaime Lannister too.
  6. Height has always been one of my complexes.
  7. I hated computers in school. I took up electronics engineering in college to stay away from programming. Only, computers don’t quite leave you in the 21st century, do they?
  8. I have wanted to learn French since third year of college. I know ‘oi’ is pronounced as ‘owa’ in French and I am so proud of myself for that!
  9. I love blogging. And I love turning non-bloggers to blogger all the more. Since I started blogging on WordPress I had a teacher, a roommate and a cousin start blogging as well! A pat on the back, you say? Merci. Merci beau coup!
  10. The last movie I truly liked was Two Days, One Night.
  11. I think squirrels are as cute as rabbits, if not more.

My Answers to Trudy’s Questions:

1.How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging on Scribbles@Arpita since March, 2015, but I had been blogging on Blogger on and off since 2011.

2.What made you start blogging?

I would answer that w.r.t to this blog, Scribbles@Arpita. The motivation to start this blog is written plainly in my very first post. Please check it out.

3.How do you relax?

Actually, I don’t. Whatever I do seems like work to me! Jokes apart, I binge-watch Castle or read a book or simply have a chat with my mother or a friend on the phone.

4.What is your favorite season? And why?

I love  the start of every season (after that the extremes each brings becomes too much for me). But if I were to choose a favourite, it would probably be winter. I love how the colours break all around me during winters: the colourful roses, marigold, dahlias and so many other flowers that suddenly sprout up in every garden of the neighbourhood.

5.Do you cook? Do you enjoy it?

I am only recently learning to cook, with help from my mother and I absolutely love it. I was afraid of fire and sharp objects before. Learning to cook have helped me overcome my fears. Most importantly, now I do not (hopefully) have to depend on the pathetic food when I live outside home again.

6.What is your favorite type of music?

Like I said, not a music person this one. But occasionally some Bollywood music catches my ears and I keep humming it until my mother gets bugged and begs me to stop.

7.What is your favorite television show?

I like TV interviews, detective series. Castle, for example! White Collar is another favourite. But GoT beats them all.

8.Are you a morning or night person?

Definitely morning!

9.Are you a sweet or savory person?

Sweet, I guess. But I am no judge of myself.

10.Are you an avid reader?

I try to be, yeah!

11.On your last trip where did you go?

In the nooks and crannies of Kolkata, before I left the city to come home after college ended.

11 Questions for my Nominees:

  1. Tell me, in one sentence, what is your blog about?
  2. Who is your best friend?
  3. Do you have pets?
  4. If you could meet one person from any period in history (it may even be fictional), who would it be?
  5. What is the sweetest thing someone ever did for you?
  6. Which were the best years of your life – childhood, youth or whichever age you’re now?
  7. Do you suffer from any kind of phobia?
  8. Can you spend the day without looking at the clock?
  9. Which is the cutest animal that you’ve ever seen for real?
  10. Do wishes come true?
  11. The last but not the least, the classic one: Love is ……………

My Nominees:

  1. A Reading Writer
  2. Anand’s Parodies and Caricatures
  3. The Idler Channel
  4. Blabberwockying
  5. What the Woman Wrote
  6. My Enduring Bones
  7. Can I Inspire You?
  8. Elle’s Adventure in China
  9. Simple Moments of Life
  10. Arpita’s Travelogue
  11. Staying the Course

I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people while blogging on WordPress and would have happily nominated them, only if they did not have the No Award Policy.

A word for my nominees: I know this Award makes you work hard, and the response post demands to be long, but what good is an Award if we don’t have to work hard for it? I’d love if you all accept the nomination. But if you don’t, that is okay too! So, have fun with the post. I’m looking forward to your responses.

Whoa, I have done it! And you’ve done it too – thank you so much for reading the whole post!

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Beatriz, one of my favourite bloggers, has nominated me the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. 


The Rules for this Award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions that she set for you.
  3. Publish a picture of the Award.
  4. Nominate others and set a few questions for them.

I am a regular reader of Beatriz’s blog. If gardening is your passion, don’t forget to follow her for she shares wonderful tidbits about fruits and herbs, and sometimes, awesome recipes!

Thank you Beatriz for the nomination. Here are the answers to the questions you set for me:

What is the most gratifying thing you have done?

In the final months of my last semester in college, an old woman came to stay with us in my paying guest accommodation. She had lost both her husband and her son in the short span of two years and was very lonely and shaky when she came. She had always been around people, having grown up in a joint family and then being married into one. The loss of family and the resultant loneliness weighed her down.

I started to spend more and more time with her as the days progressed, doing my bit to reduce her loneliness and boredom. Gradually, in spite of the decades between us, we became good friends. When I left the accommodation, she kept saying how much she would miss me.

To this day, that friendship is precious to me. The fact that I could make this woman smile, even for a little while is the most gratifying experience for me!

What’s your favorite food?

My favourites in every respect keep changing from time to time. Presently, in food, Momo seems to be doing the rounds! I love the fried Chicken momos done in Schezwan sauce!

What would you like to do before you die?

There are just so many things that I want to do before I die. But the most prominent desire is perhaps to travel as many places as I can, with my family. And when I say travel,I do not mean travelling as a tourist, but staying a few weeks in each place so that I can soak in the local culture.

Here are the questions for my nominees (wait for it, I am going to announce their names soon!):

  1. Tell us about your favourite holiday destination.
  2. What do you love best about yourself?
  3. How do you love to spend your free time?

And now my Nominees!




I’d love you three to participate, but if you can not, I will definitely understand!

The 777 Challenge

I was challenged by Leanne for the 777 Challenge. Thank you, Leanne! It was sweet of you to remember me!

The 777 Challenge is a fun challenge to take part. Let me tell you all about it.


  • Find your latest work in progress (whatever it is!)
  • Scroll down to the 7th page
  • Find the 7th line
  • Share the next 7 sentences 
  • Are you done? Great! Challenge 7 buddies to do the same. 

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The challenge was a little daunting for me at first as I thought I did not have any long work in progress at the moment. Then I found the novel that I had started earlier this month (Note to Self: Get back to it, ASAP! *screaming*). Luckily for me, I was eight pages and about three thousand words into it.

The story is very random at the moment and hence the seven-line excerpt that I share might seem a little random as well. But please bear with me:

Suddenly, the neighbourhood plunged into darkness as power went off. “Awww geez!” her brother shouted and punched the bed.

After a few minutes, he came over to the balcony. Sampriti was sitting on a plastic tool, with her chin perched on the iron railings.

“Damn this power cut, Federer was playing so well.”

Sampriti couldn’t help but smile. Some things never change.


Now, get ready to meet my 7 challengers!








I am so eager to read your pieces! Have fun with the challenge!

P.S: My book, Bound by Life, is now available on Kindle for $0.99 instead of $5.99! So if you haven’t bought a copy before, make sure you buy it  by the 19th. That’s when this promotional offer ends!

Bound by Life is available on Amazon.


Bound by Life FREE on Kindle today!

Hello blogoworld!

It gives me immense delight to let you know that my book, Bound by Life, is FREE on Kindle today. It will end before midnight the 6th, so you got 24 hours to download the book.

Bound by Life is a collection of ten short stories. Here’s the book blurb for your benefit:

Bound by Life is the first book by Arpita Pramanick. It contains ten short stories.

The title story is epistolary. An old man writes a letter to his son before leaving for an old age home. Set in the backdrop of the modern nuclear family, the story contains references to the immigrant experiences of those who came to India from the then East-Pakistan (presently Bangladesh) to escape the wrath of the communal riots post-Indian independence.

One of the stories, I am Mala, has been previously published on the eFiction magazine. I am Mala is the tragic tale of a young woman who becomes the victim of the dogmatic caste system.

The protagonist of The Silent Victim, Deepa, has traumatic past. She just started college and is struggling badly with androphobia. Will she be able overcome her past and lead a normal life?

Be sure to head out to Amazon to get your copy of Bound by Life.

Feel free to share this with your friends and acquaintances. I’d love to reach as many people as I can through this free giveaway.

Have you already downloaded the book and read it? Please leave me a review on Amazon and GoodReads. Your reviews will help me become a better writer.

Also, don’t forget to check out my first interview on the blog of my blogging partner, Marquessa. Thank you so much Marquessa for giving me this opportunity!

Happy Reading!


Day Three of Three-Day Quote Challenge

Yay! I am in the final leg of The Three-Day Quote Challenge. I was nominated for it by Debolina. A big thanks again to her for the nomination. I totally enjoyed doing this!

Today it is my turn to nominate three other wonderful bloggers. But before that here’s my final quote of the challenge:

Quote for Day 3 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

Quote for Day 3 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

Ever tried to have someone in your life who was hell bent to leave? What was the process of forgetting that person like? Is it only Time that heals wounds or does the Distance between you and the perpetrator of hurt count too? For the narrator of the story Elusive ( from Bound by Life, my first Kindle ebook), distance worked positively and helped him to forget his childhood ladylove.

But is the world so big that we can just forget and move on? To find out, you have to read Bound by Life. You can download the book here.

Now, time to announce my nominees!

My Nominees

Mr. Shreedeep Gangopadhyay  (The Violet Diary)

Ms. Swagata Mukherjee (Through my Eyes)

Ms. Jahnavi Chintakunta (Recharge your Day)

Dear Nominees, Please keep in mind the following rules for your quote-posts:

Rules for Three-Day Quote Challenge!

  1. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
  2. Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
  3. Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavour.

Courtesy: Debolina’s blog

My heartiest congratulations to all the nominees. I am looking forward to your quotes. And don’t forget to pass on the baton on the third day.

Happy quoting!


Day Two of Three-Day Quote Challenge

Good day, bloggers!

I am onto the second day of the Three-Day Quote Challenge.

Yesterday having been friendship day, I decided to carry on the spirit with my favourite quote by APJ Abdul Kalam. He was the president of India as well as one of the leading men in the Indian Space Research program. More than that, he will perhaps be remembered as being one of the greatest teachers who inspired thousands of students across the country. Mr. Kalam died 27th July, 2015. Rest in peace, sir!

Enjoy this quote and make some friendships,  people!

Day 2 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

Day 2 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

See my Quote for Day One here.

Day One of Three-Day Quote Challenge

Good day bloggers all over the world!

Usually, I blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I will make an exception today as I have been nominated by the wonderful Debolina for the three-day quote challenge. Yay! Thank you so much, Debolina, for the nomination. Debolina has previously contributed a guest post for this blog – a review of Little Women as part of Saturday Specials in July. Be sure to check it out!

As a part of the 3-Day quote challenge, I will publish one quote each for three consecutive days. On the third day, I will nominate three other bloggers for the same who will then continue the challenge. The quotes may be taken from a book, a movie or anywhere else. It can even be your own creation.

My quote for today is taken from the first story of my book Bound by Life. The protagonist of this story (The Silent Victim), Deepa, was a victim of molestation as a child and grew up struggling with androphobia. These lines are her realization:

Quote for Day 1 of 3-Day Quote Chalenge

Quote for Day 1 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

Deepa is one of the strongest characters of my first book. I am immensely proud of her and where she reaches by the end of the story. If you’re interested in her story, don’t forget to buy my book on Amazon.

Keep blogging and have a great weekend!



Bound by Life: Expectations and Reality

The regular reader friends of my blog know my book, Bound by Life. I’ll go ahead and share the blurb of the book for those of you who do not know about it:

Bound by Life is the first book by Arpita Pramanick. It contains ten short stories.

The title story is epistolary. An old man writes a letter to his son before leaving for an old age home. Set in the backdrop of the modern nuclear family, the story contains references to the immigrant experiences of those who came to India from the then East-Pakistan (presently Bangladesh) to escape the wrath of the communal riots post-Indian independence.

One of the stories, I am Mala, has been previously published on the eFiction magazine. I am Mala is the tragic tale of a young woman who becomes the victim of the dogmatic caste system.

The protagonist of The Silent Victim, Deepa, has traumatic past. She just started college and is struggling badly with androphobia. Will she be able overcome her past and lead a normal life?

In a previous post, I had talked about five things that writing the book has taught me. I also mentioned that from time to time I will be talking about my self-publishing journey. So today, I am going to talk to you about what my expectations were when I hit the publish button on Kindle Direct Publishing Program and what the reality is after a month the book has been on the digital shelves.


  1.  I’d sell 10 paid copies in the first month. Ten isn’t that big a number, is it? Should I set a higher count? 20? Nah, what if I don’t reach 20? Then I will feel bad and wont be able to concentrate on anything else. So 10 it is!
  2. A week before the release of Bound by Life, I post a message on Facebook asking my friends if they want a copy of my book. Over the week, I give away around 50 copies free to people I have known from school and college days and ask them for reviews through email and Facebook. I expect at least half of them to write a review. Fairly reasonable, right?
  3.  I’d sell about a hundred copies on the free promotional days.


  1. From June 20 to July 31, Bound by Life has sold 2 paid copies. Yeah, you read that right. Only TWO! That’s 80% below my expectations.
  2. Of all the copies I have sold or given away for free, I only have three reviews on Amazon.in and one on Amazon.com. Turned out many of my friends who were willing to review were not eligible for reviewing on Amazon as they had not bought anything from the website before.
  3. On the free promotional days, July 1-2 I sold about 25 copies. I won’t even get into percentages now!

When I was writing the book I was in the middle of my final semester. When my friends were perhaps studying for exams, I was busy writing and editing in MS Word. I was planning all sorts of things I could do to promote my book. It was like a dream, thinking about the book all the time.

Now, one month removed, how do you think I am faring? Am I sick because I sold so less? Am I depressed? Sad? Numb?

Well, here it is: I am absolutely fine! I took two blogging courses from Blogging U. of WordPress recently. I am reinventing my blog. I am writing guest posts. I am reading, I am interviewing other authors. And I am trying to outline my first novel. I am enjoying every bit of my personal life.

But that said, I haven’t given up hopes on Bound by Life. I DO NOT intend to be rich by selling the book, but this book is out in the world to help me be a better writer. So, I still want reviews and for that, I need to sell. And I NEED YOUR HELP to do that!


  1. For those of you who have not downloaded my book, here is another opportunity for you to do so.  bbllYes, Bound by Life is FREE again on 5th August! Mark your calendar, add a reminder! Do whatever you wish but do not forget to download it on the 5th! Click here to find the book on Amazon or bookmark the following URL: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X6VG3B0 
  2. Have you downloaded my book in a previous giveaway? Great! Then please leave a review for me on the same link. Don’t fret that you’ve never reviewed anything before. All I want is your honest opinion, something you’ll tell me face to face if you had read my book. If it’s two lines, I am up for it! If you want to say what a pathetic read the book was, go ahead! Not only I care for sales, but I also want to know how I can better my writing. And your criticism does just that! So please, please, please leave a review for me on Amazon.
  3. Share this post! Reblog it! Email to a friend. Share it on your Facebook page. Start the hashtag #BoundbyLife on Twitter. Any platform you’re comfortable sharing, I am happy! Help me reach more people, so that more people download the book on the 5th.
  4. Help me spread a word about the book. Do you host author interviews on your blog? Then shoot me your questions and publish the interview on the 5th. Ask me out on blog tours.
  5. Enlighten me on other ways to promote my book! Have you marketed a book before? What helped boost the sale? I am open to all kinds of suggestions.

For any questions, please feel free to contact me through the form below. I am excited to hear from you!



In absence of a guest contributor, there will be no post in this week’s Saturday Specials.
My brother is going to take admission to college tomorrow and I will be there with him. It is an emotional moment in the family. He’ll be taking the same journey as I did four years ago, when I started engineering college in a different city.
I will be back again with Wednesday’s post.
Until then, keep blogging!

Review of Little Women – A Guest Post

Write me           aGuest PostOn the third Saturday in July, I bring you another guest post in the Re-living the Classics series. In Re-living the Classics, you send me your reviews of your favourite classic which I publish as guest posts.

Today’s post is contributed by Debolina. She is an enthusiastic blogger and freelance writer. Don’t forget to check out her blog and leave a comment for her!

Review of Little Women

Guest Post by Debolina

Do you remember what we did when we were young and did not have the likes of mobile phone, Facebook, iPads and others modern gadgets…we READ!

We still read, but somehow I feel the charm of reading evergreen classics like The Tale of Two Cities, Treasure Island, Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind and others, will never stimulate a young reader’s mind today like it used to do for us. Reading books back then, was like creating a universe of imagination around us. The words were like moving pictures, which created and left memories and emotions in our hearts.

lwOne such classic novel, which still lingers in my mind is the Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Four sisters, a mother, a backdrop of the Civil War and their relationships and dreams made a unique plot, depicting a modern-day woman, at least back in those times. It was like the first look at a ‘new woman’, who is ready to  break free of the shackles of social prejudices and gender discrimination to make a mark for herself.

What is it about: The plot involves four sisters and their mother during the Civil War. The March family consists of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, Mr. and Mrs. March. Mr. March is off to serve the nation as a war hero. Mrs. March also visits him once in a while. The story deals with the lives of the four sisters- Meg, the beautiful eldest sister ad her admirers, who used to teach children in a family; Jo, the tomboy of the family and a talented writer, who helped her wealthy grandaunt; Beth, the musician, who meets a tragic end and Amy, the youngest with curly hair and a charming character. The author has beautifully crafted each and every character. As the story advances, new characters come into their lives- how they influence them and how they interact with them. As the story comes to an end, it summerizes the lives of the characters and where they stand at the end of the novel. This is based on the author’s real life and her family to a certain extent.

What I liked about it: I might have read the abridged version of the novel, but the first thing, which touched my heart is the simplicity of the characters and the story. It felt so familiar as if I knew the March family. There was no royalty or fantasy. It beautifully brought out the nuances of the life of a family torn between war and reality. It talked about love, passion, struggles, devotion, death, happiness and emotions. Being a single child, it brought forth the picture of siblings and their relationships. I imagined how would it feel to be part of the March family. It also spoke about the socio-political environment and the stature of women in the society, which was about to change. It was overwhelming to read about simple emotions of simple characters that I could relate to as a child. I was very fond of Jo in particular, because of her bold personality and of course her flair for writing. I remember this as one of my inspirations  for writing. It left me with lovely memories of the characters, yet a desire to read about the next generation.

What it led to: The popularity of the book, encouraged the author to pen down sequels like Little Men,  Jo’s Boys and How They Turned Out (a sequel to Little Men). Little Women and Little Men have been made into several movies and television series. A 1994 flick starring Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst was a wonderful adaptation of the book.

About the Author: Born in 1832, Louisa May Alcott became famous as an American novelist. She was a support for her family, who had gone though several financial difficulties. She has also written under the pet name, A. M. Barnard. Some of her other works include A Long Fatal Love Chase, The Mysterious Key and What It Opened, Under The Lilacs, to mention a few. Her commemorative stamp was released by the United States in 1940.

Final Verdict: A lovely saga of sisterhood, womanhood, society and relationships. It is like a well-knit tale of loved ones and how family sticks together and help each other through happiness and hardships. A simple illustration of the tides and times through the eyes of an ‘all-woman’ family. A nice read for those, who like to read about family ties and chemistry among women, bonded by the love of sisterhood. Readers will surely love the flow of emotions and situations, which makes it an engaging storyline. Probably, one of those books, which a mother can handover to a daughter or a sister can gift her sibling or a woman can share with another.