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The Donald Duck

What would I tell the ideal reader of my blog if I were given a chance and undivided attention? Well, given the love I have for story-telling, I’ll probably spin a story. Let’s get started then, shall we?

The Donald Duck

Arpita Pramanick

Once  upon a time, there was a little girl who studied in the third grade. One day her teacher told the class, “The school is going to publish a magazine soon. It will contains stories, poems and pictures. So, your homework today is to create something on your own for the magazine.”

The children were very excited. They went to the teacher and asked her, “Miss, will our names be printed on the book?”

“Yes! Your names will appear on the magazine. But, remember, not everyone’s writing/painting will get selected. We’ll get a lot of submissions, and we can only publish the best. And your creations are to be submitted to Ira Das of the Fourth Grade. Is that clear?”

“Yes, miss!” The kids said in unison.

Now, our little girl – let’s call her Mercy –  was very excited about seeing her name in print. On the way back home, she thought and thought and thought, wondering what to come up with for the school magazine. Later in the afternoon, while she was watching her favourite Donald Duck cartoon on TV, she had the idea.

Mercy rushed to her room, and went through her comic books. There was a big picture of the Duck wearing a blue cap and a blue sailor dress which she loved very much. I am going to draw this, she thought.

For the next two hours, Mercy sat with her painting copy, pencils and eraser, and the prized collection of sketch pens that her father had gifted her on her last birthday. When she was finished, Donald’s eyes looked more droopy than it was in the original picture, and his cap was too big for him. But Mercy thought it was perfect.

The next day, Ira came to her class. The third graders surrounded Ira, shouted and clapped as they showed each other their creations. Ira had a tough time organizing them and collecting the submissions.

Two months later, the teacher distributed copies of the magazine to the third graders. Mercy was giddy when she took her copy. Her picture had to be there, wasn’t it?

Mercy turned over the pages and scanned them quickly. The pictures were printed in colour, and the names of the contributors were written underneath them.

Twenty pages… twenty-five… thirty… but where was Mercy’s Donald Duck?

At last, on the thirty-seventh page, Mercy found it! Yes, it was just what she had submitted: Donald wearing his blue cap and blue sailor dress. Wow! Mercy jumped on her seat, and showed the picture to her friend Lily, who was sitting beside her.

“But this is not your picture,” Lily told Mercy. She pointed at the name below the picture, scribbled in a small font. It said: Ira Das, Fourth Grade.

“But this is my picture! I drew it.” The tears bristled in Mercy’s eyes. How could Ira give her own name to it?

Mercy walked to the teacher, holding the magazine to her chest. Choking between her tears, she told the teacher about her picture.

The teacher wiped the tears and said, “Don’t cry, dear. Tell me something, did your write your name in the picture that you submitted?”

“No, Miss.” Mercy had been so excited to have created something that beautiful that she had totally forgotten the teacher’s instruction to write her name and grade on her submission.

“It’s okay, dear. Ira had to take care of so many submissions that perhaps she had no idea who had given it to her. It doesn’t  matter. Here, give me your magazine.”

Mercy handed her magazine to the teacher. The teacher took out her red pen and struck through Ira’s name. In her beautiful, slanted handwriting, she wrote Mercy’s name below it.

At last, Mercy smiled. Then the teacher made her stand before the class and said, “Class! I have an announcement. Please turn to page thirty-seven in your magazine. Do you see a picture of Mr. Donald?”

“Yes, miss!” The class chimed.

“Well, there has been a confusion. This sketch was made by your friend, Mercy. Somehow, they printed it wrongly under Ira’s name. So, I’ll ask Mercy to write her name on the blackboard now, and you all copy her name down under the picture, and scratch out Ira’s name, okay?”

The teacher handed Mercy a white chalk. She walked to the blackboard, and in big letters, wrote: Donald Duck by Mercy Mendoza.

In case you were wondering, the story is based on real incidents. Mercy is me in my third grade! However, there was no announcement for me in my class mentioning any confusion whatsoever, regarding the creator of the Donald Duck. I guess, I just wanted a better ending, and that’s why I wrote this story. It was my first-ever submission, after all.

I regret to say that I don’t have the copy of that magazine anymore. We moved to a different house, and somewhere along the way, the magazine got lost. I still draw sometimes. Here’s one of the pictures I drew back in 2011, under my pen name Mystic Mousumy. I have since dropped that name.


The Woman with the Sitar

© 2015 Arpita Pramanick

Hello, neighbours!

Since I am learning to be a writer, I tend to follow blogs which talk about the craft. I love authors’ websites, and learning about the experience of becoming an author. I enjoy reading Joanna Barnard’s posts very much for this reason.

Today I followed the following blogs:

I am a nerd and I know it.: Because I love nerds and those who love books!

The Diligent Dilettante: Wow, that is some name! I am sure I am going to enjoy this creative mind’s musings!

 humble little thoughts: I loved Gabi’s recent post, Finding that perfect place.

femmempower: I simply loved the style and elegance of the lady owning this blog!

Me Talks!: Once in a while it’s nice to find someone with the same nationality in such a multi-cultural space.

The tags that I followed today are:
Art and Design, Books, Magazines, Photography, Writing/Blogging.

So there you go, that was my nerdy list!

P.S: Speaking of following blogs, I received the first 50 follows on my blog yesterday. I would like to thank all you bloggers who take the time out to read my posts. It’s you who make the art of blogging a joy for me. Happy blogging, folks!

Take control of your title and tagline

Titles and taglines are the tiny labels that let our readers know what our blogs are all about. The more specific they are, the better.

My blog title is Scribbles@Arpita, and I love it, basically because it reminds of the random ideas I would scribble down as a child in my diaries and copies. I believe that habit has somewhat nourished the writer in me. Plus, the title got a bit of Twittery feel about it, too!

The tagline however was not something I was pleased about. Earlier it was:

Musings of an Aspiring Author

But it was too generic and I was tired of seeing the word ‘musing’ everywhere. So, I searched awhile for a quote (did I mention that I absolutely love quotes?) that might reflect the theme of my blog, and voila! I found it. Now, my tagline is this beautiful quote by Kelley Armstrong:

Storytelling is my passion, and it rises from a love of reading.

It’s totally in sync with my feelings. I love reading and writing and each exists because of the other.

“Who I am and why I am here”

Hiya all!

I am Arpita from West Bengal, India. I graduated last month as an electronics engineer (Yippee!). As much as I love my engineering textbooks, I care a tad bit more for the books that tell stories. So, while I figure out what to do with my career as an engineer, there’s one thing I badly want to do that has virtually no connection to engineering: write fiction!

I have always wanted to be an author (in between wanting to be an air hostess, a hair dresser, a doctor, a painter and finally, an engineer). I love to write anything: from diary entries to fiery articles on social issues. I used to blog on blogspot before I joined WordPress. I started this site almost on a whim, because somehow I felt I must have a WordPress blog if I were to be an author (it’s crazy, right? But one of my favourite authors blogs on WordPress, so you get the motivation).

The aim of my blog is to establish a readership for my stories. I have been told time and again by friends that I have a gift with the written word. I recently wrote a book of short stories, Bound by Life (click to pre-order), which I am self-publishing on Kindle on 20th June this year. So, I guess it is the right time to let you bookworms and bloggers know about my works. I am so excited to hear your feedback on my stories!

Besides that I publish interviews, reviews as well as share my two cents on the craft of writing on this blog. I also review on request, so if you got a new book coming out, feel free to send me a reviewer copy in exchange of an honest review.

So now you know who I am and what I love doing. Let the journey begin!

Much love. Keep blogging!