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Happy Diwali!

So, I wake up this morning and see these beautiful rays of sun lighting up my window and I think, once again, “Gosh, is it ten already!?”


I take my phone out and check the time and it turns out that it’s only 7.30 AM. My heart dances in a sudden flutter and a surge of happiness flows through my body. I keep looking at the sunlight, wondering if I should get up that or enjoy some more comforting moments in the comfort of my mink blanket.

I am not a rain person, so the Bangalore weather was not really to my taste the last couple of months. Even after I came back from home (West Bengal) after a 3 weeks vacation, the rains had not subsided. I would get half-drenched every single day while returning from office. However, the last three-four odd days, the weather has been better: the threatening clouds still roamed about and cast a gloomy glow all over, but they controlled themselves from creating a downpour. I think I also saw some fog on my way back from office last night. Winter is coming!

All those bad memories of rains are now forgiven, thanks to these beautiful sun rays outside my window this morning.


And what a day too, for the Sun god to be glorious! For major length and breadth of India, we are celebrating Diwali – the festival of lights, the victory of god vs evil.

To all the readers of this blog, Happy Diwali! I hope you guys have a great time! I leave you with a quirky song recipe for making payesh, a Bengali sweet dish, by a Youtuber I follow:

Until later, enjoy!