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Has nonfiction overpowered fiction?

We often tend base our ideologies on the the thoughts and the opinions of people we see around us. Or by the social media content that we consume. When our world was less connected, there were still large differences in the way we did things. Now, more than ever, we are increasingly becoming alike.

Case in point: When I was a young girl growing up in India, I read a lot of story books. At the time, access to good books was limited, given that there were not enough, accessible public libraries in my hometown.

I read the same book over and over again, hidden behind the open pages of my schoolbooks, just because I loved those stories so much. I have read them so often that many years later, I remember exactly what had happened in the stories.

A decade later, the reading habits among the people around me have drastically shifted. I personally have started reading a lot of nonfiction books on social science and personal finance. At least in my circle this seems to be the trend.

People now often consider fiction as an indulgence, if not a waste of time. Everyone wants to be learning something these days: consuming hard cold facts or hard cold skills. Very few seem to be interested in being lost in a good story, in an imaginary world, roaming in the worlds weaved cleverly by skilled authors. At least that’s how I see it.

What do you guys think?