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Bangalore – the city of million dreams

I came to Bangalore on a wintry October morning in 2015. To say that there were dreams in my eyes would be exaggeration. For the most part, I did not know if I wanted to be here. More than a thousand kilometers from home and the people who loved me, Bangalore was only a place to earn money and pay back the loan that I had taken for my education. Of course, I had lived away from home for the four years of college, but living in different cities in the same state and in different states were different things altogether. Besides, we had no friends or family in Bangalore. It was the city of clean slate, a city of beginning of my career life – a new chapter in my life.

There is a beauty in clean slate – it holds the promise of myriad wonderful things that would come. It makes you hopeful and makes you want to be a better version of yourself everyday. It is like going to the origin of a river and feeling that the water should remain thus pure even as it moves through civilization. Of course, it’s a fool’s dream, but it is a dream. It is a possibility. Maybe, if all of us had seen the beautiful origin of a river, we would think twice before dumping dirt into it.

Having lived in this city for about three years now, I look back on the day I arrived. The memories that I have are of a crowded train station, of an auto-driver telling us that he knew the destination that we wanted to go to and dragging our trolley bags out of that crowded station. A misty morning. I remember asking the driver while we passed the Phoenix mall what place it was. I remember being surprised that he charged us three hundred for a mere fifteen minutes ride – from where I came, that price was exorbitant. I remember struggling inside of ITPL tech park to search for the accommodation that my office had provided me, no one knew which building was Daffodil, and the office contact who was supposed to help me with the accommodation insisted the building was inside ITPL. It felt weird, because from first looks, it was a tech park full of office buildings. I couldn’t understand why there would be a residential building in it in the first place.

The first day of work is still fresh in my mind: my parents were to head back home, so I went to visit them at their hotel. We took a picture together, me in a pink formal shirt that I loved and had bought just before coming to Bangalore (the shirt got wasted within the first few weeks as I burned it while ironing). All three of us are smiling in that picture: my father with his booming all-toothed smile, proud that I am about to begin a new journey, my mother with her silent, peaceful smile, albeit a little tired from the train journey and her father’s death just before we boarded the train to Bangalore.

The first few days did not feel like work at all. In fact, even after so many months, it hardly feels like I go to work. Thanks for the major part to Mu Sigma, which took us all into its wings and created a safe haven for fresh college graduates like me, who were clueless about what professional life was really about. Within its meeting rooms, I learnt the meaning of accountability, the feel of working together in a team and standing up for the team. I learned to speak to clients and present the work that we had done. I learned to understand what business goals were and how we should focus on problem solving from a holistic approach, rather than looking at things in silos. Mu Sigma has added a perspective in my life. I am thankful.

Beyond the company, my tryst with Bangalore has been minimal. Bangalore for me is my home – one slice of a room in a three bedroom flat and my work. My work friends are also my outside-of-work friends in Bangalore. But I know countless people in this city now: a bunch of people who have moved on, changed companies, changed cities, and even countries. It is the city where I fell in love with the variety of people who touched my lives, learned to see the unity in diversity. This city made me trust strangers and make them friends. This city made me financially independent. This city helped me fulfill my family’s dreams.

The river has flown, meandering across villages and cities, swallowing up sins of the generation in its wake. I, too, have dealt with my demons in this city – insomnia and depression became two companions. But like the river is ever-flowing, never-stopping, this city taught me to look at every day as that new, clean slate. It made me forget a sad past and taught me to look ahead. It made me dream of a beautiful future and believe that it would become a reality. Bangalore – thank you! 🙂

Durga Puja Vacation Begins…

Today I went with my brother and my mother to do some last minute shopping for Durga puja. I did buy couple of clothes myself before I came from Bangalore, but my mom, being the parent, wanted to gift me some more.

So, we went to Big Bazaar and Junction mall.

When I was in school, all these malls were not so much in fashion. In fact, they were not even there. Durga puja was the only time when we bought new clothes. I do not remember if I waited eagerly for that day when the new clothes would come; I suppose I did.

However, buying clothes, in the past, was never a comfortable experience because my father dominated the decision.

I remember this one time when I wanted a fancy white-and-red frock and my father was not at all convinced. In the end, we bought something else. I can imagine my disappointment.

Now, grown up, there is a sense of independence. I am free to choose my own clothes.

As far as clothes are concerned, my choices are simple and practical. What I am not convinced of is how branded clothes are priced. Having grown up in a middle class family who were used to shopping non-branded clothes, I do think twice before investing in a shirt worth two thousand bucks. I really do not understand if the piece of cloth is value for money. However, with the way consumerism is going, we have few choices.

Anyway, Durga puja is in full force. I am meeting some old friends from school and later going to my maternal uncle’s place. Holidays are in full swing!

Be back with more updates over the vacation.

Until later!

An afternoon at home

I am sitting on the tiny balcony, an Oscar Wilde book in my hand. The air, until a little while ago, was smelling sweetly of pomelo flowers. Very sweet indeed!

Then there was this smell of dust. It is that time of the year when the roads are sandy, dusty and they soil your feet. I find it hard to breathe. There is some dog smell also.

A cuckoo is cooing sweetly, while the crows caw.

There are tiny kids playing cricket on the dusty playground few feet across. I watch the child, a girl or a boy, I do not know. They are at that age where you do not get to know what the sex is from afar, when there are no curves in the body and the hair is boyishly short. I watch the kid, smartly posing as the ball comes, bending the knees like a professional would. Impressive, I think. Myself, I have always been afraid of being the batsman in a game of cricket, afraid of embarassing myself by not hitting the ball once.

Sunlight vanishes as I write this. Conch shells are being blown by the women. Mosquitoes are nagging at my legs, time to go inside.

For years, I have sat on this balcony. When I was younger, this hour would mean the hour of light snacks and getting back to the heavy books – physics or maths. Today, I really don’t have much to do. Today, I am a grown woman visiting home on a vacation. There are only couple of days till I get back to my real life, my work life. Until then, I wish to soak in the smells, the sights and the sounds of this hour. Like a much cherished pickle, for another desolate afternoon, in a city eons away from here.

Two Kittens and Two Important Announcements

I came home yesterday on a long break after four long years. I was away in Kolkata completing my engineering degree. I will be starting my work-life in October. Until then, I am looking forward to a blissful holiday season. And guess who welcomed me to it? These little babies!


Kitty No. 1: “Ain’t I pretty?”


kitty No. 2: “Don’t you mess with me!”


“Look! I am so big.”

I found these sweeties on my way to the market with my mother. They were lurching under some shrubs in my neighbour’s garden. I wish I had a better camera to capture their playful moments.

Two Important Announcements!

Okay! Now moving onto the important announcements that I promised.

First and foremost, my book Bound by Life is available for FREE on Kindle on 1st and 2nd July. And since it’s already 1st, you can directly hop onto Amazon and download it for FREE on your Kindle device/app. I have worked pretty hard writing it and nothing is more fulfilling for me than having more and more people read it. If possible, share this information with as many of your friends and acquaintances as you can. As the saying goes, sharing is caring. I’d be grateful to you all for this huge favour.

bbl1 (2) - Copy

Here’s the Amazon link of the book:


Second, this month in Saturday Specials, one of the regular features on my blog, I have decided to revive the guest post concept once again. I had done it earlier in May and it was a great success. Unlike last time, this time I am introducing a specific topic. The topic for July Guest Posts is:

Re-living the classics

I am sure you all have your favourite books from the good old era. Are you an Austen fan? Is Hemingway your way? Or is it Dickens? Whatever it is, bring it on. Re-read your favourite classic (or read the one you’ve always meant to but have put off for a long time) and write a review of it. I will publish that review on my blog as a guest post. I am also open to reviews of classics in languages other than English.

You’re wondering now, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Let me tell you what is.

  1. You’re going to read a classic either for the first or the umpteenth time. That in itself is a big catch. I know you’re busy at school/work. But hey, you love reading, right? So, come on! I challenge you.
  2. By guest posting you increase your audience. Along with your post I will publish links to your blog in the guest post. My readers are likely to be different from yours, so by guest posting you have a great chance to widen your readership. Maybe someone will love your writing and click on the link to your blog and start following you!

If you’re willing (which I hope you really are because the success of my Saturday Specials this time lies in your hand and I trust you), please note the following:

  • July has four Saturdays, so we have spots for four guest posts. Hurry or someone else might snatch your place!


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  • The review must be previously unpublished on your blog. It’s okay if you’ve reviewed it on GoodReads/Amazon, though. In that case, it’d be nice if you add something to the old review.
  • Use the contact form below to mention your name, email and which book you wish to review. Remember, the name of the book you wish to review is crucial because we don’t want the same book to be reviewed by all.
  • After your post has been published on this blog you will be notified of the same through email. I ask you to reblog the post then on your blog so that your readers/followers can get a taste of it.

Since the first Saturday might be way too soon for you to write a review, I have a backup plan of placing my own review of a classic this Saturday. But I’d love nothing more than you surprising me with one of yours this weekend.

So, my dear bloggers, are you ready? Jump to the contact form and start filling! Hope to hear from you soon.