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What horror movies are all about?

Yesterday, my team at work made sudden plan of meeting up today, grabbing lunch and spending some time together.

We did meet up today at the nearby mall. There were the four of us and a last  minute plan to include my last team lead. Everyone ended up coming at different times. We ate, talked and joked for a while.

After lunch, my ex-team lead left. Me and two other teammates returned to my flat (after some grocery shopping), where another of my teammate was already waiting – he wasn’t able to make it to lunch due to other commitments.

After some discussion on what to do for the next few hours, we ended up watching The Babadook. I am not a huge fan of horror movies. They keep me up at night when I am alone, and I do not like the feeling. Anyway, because there were the four of us, I thought it was worth a try – this was probably my first horror movie after The Conjuring.

I have never gotten the point of horror stories. I always used to wonder why people would pay to be scared. Why was the point of your heart suddenly wanting to jump out of your chest? In my opinion, if I had control, I would have all horror movies destroyed and stopped from being made.

However, I ended up liking The Babadook. More than a horror story, it is about the story of woman losing her husband while on the way to deliver their baby. It is the story of how she is coping after six years have passed since the incident – the story of how she wishes it was the baby that she had lost that day and not her husband. For the first time, while watching a horror movie, I felt that these movies are supposed to mirror the deepest fears that we have. The ghosts and the scary make-ups and the music are but symbols. My worst nightmare probably does not look like a ghost that walks with its legs backwards. But it is about how difficult we find it to cope with our losses and end up going down the rabbit hole of depression. To the point where we start imagining things that are not there.

Some realization, that! However, that doesn’t really mean I am going to try out more horror stories.

I am getting the creeps as I write this.

Until later! ❤

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Life is Bigger (A guest post)

Today is the final post of the series of guest posts on fear. Today’s blogger is Belinda, someone I have known through the blogoworld for sometime now. I really enjoy her wonderful posts and her insights into life and I am happy to provide a peek into her thoughts through this post. Thank you Belinda for bringing out the silver lining around fear via this post.

||Guest Post||

Contributor: Belinda O.

october-2016I encourage my cats’ fear of strangers, at least, I don’t discourage it. If a stranger comes to the door, particularly someone carrying tools and wires or other unknown entities, the cats hightail it down the stairs and under the bed. There they’ll stay until they’re certain it’s safe, and if they fall asleep (which they often do), even longer than that.

Fear helps keep my cats safe. If I’m not home, I want them hiding if a stranger enters. In the same way, I follow my fears to a metaphorical space-under-the-bed at times as well. Call me overly-cautious, but I believe in better safe than sorry.

That’s fine when the fears involve dark alleys, like the one that leads to the dumpster behind my work place. I’m supposed to take the garbage out every night before I leave, but I don’t do it after dark. It’s deserted and a set-up for danger. If my boss forced the issue and told me to “take the damn garbage out anyway,” I’d quit. Fortunately, she has a healthy respect of – fear of – dark alleys herself.

As a child I had unnamed fears as a result of abuse in a time before my memory really began. I say unnamed, I refer to it as a time without memory, but the fears actually were very specific, I just didn’t know how to verbalize it. As time went on the memory became duller and the fears broader.

I held myself back from so much that could cause ridicule or shame, and in doing so, I also held myself back from doing things that could have enhanced my life and increased my self-esteem. I didn’t see it that way, however, preferring to stay safe.

As an adult, I fully faced the pain, but lifetime habits are hard to break. The fear remained.

It took an incident that was surreal on the one hand and starkly real on the other to break down some of what continued to hold me back, fears that were so intrinsically a part of me I didn’t recognize them. I still am challenged with some of it. I don’t know if it will ever end, and I pray I never face what I faced before to stop it completely.

That fear is bigger now than the one I faced since I was learning to walk. Still, I refuse to be felled by either.

Life is bigger than our fears, it is bigger than our failures. It is made up of so much more than what we believe in when we’re younger, and there is always more to discover.

Life is bigger than our fears.

About Belinda:

Belinda works with social media & public relations for small businesses and non-profit organizations, with a growing focus on diversity and minority perspective.  Prior to this she worked with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Belinda believes in the power of words, written, spoken and unspoken. She believes what we write and what we create unleashes who we are, even to our own surprise.

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Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed in the guest post are solely the guest’s. The owner of this blog makes no representation as to the originality, accuracy or completeness of any information in this post.


Fear and Faith: The Two Faces of the Coin Called Life (A guest post)

We are well into week 3 of January. I am here again with the third guest post on Fear, as part of the series of guest posts. Today’s blogger is Seoti,. someone who I had a chance to live with during my college days. She has beautiful penmanship and that comes out very clearly in today’s post.

||Guest Post||

Contributor: Seoti Bhattacharyya

img_20161213_190918“Heads, I win; tails, you lose!” Fear used to say, every single time. Life for me was a long, dark stretch of fear-filled path for years. Some of these fears, like the fear of ghosts and monsters, were born and nurtured in my mind’s dark recesses, fathered by an overwrought imagination; some were born out of external events, caused by external agents – miscreants, child abusers, bullies in school – that tried to rob me of all that was good in me and left dark impressions on my mind. These fears started to rule my waking thoughts, my hours of sleep, my every move, my very life, in fact; my dreams turned into nightmares, I lost my sleep, my peace of mind, my confidence; I even lost my ability to help others for a time – no wonder that; how could I think of helping others if I couldn’t help myself? My life became a veritable hell, filled with depression and fear, and I started to feel as if I was constantly descending into a bottomless abyss. I started to be afraid of going to school and facing bullies, of going out and facing people, afraid of predators prowling in human form, but I was equally afraid of staying at home, alone: the walls seemed to come rushing at me, smacking their gaping jaws, wanting to swallow me whole. My fears wouldn’t let me be, not even for a moment; they would chase me to the edge of my sanity and persistently try to push me over.

Not anymore, though. Fear doesn’t own me anymore; it doesn’t rule my life or dictate my every action. I’ve had a few good influences in my life, at various times; but if I’ve to name a single good influence that mattered a great deal more than the others, I’d have to name my ever-optimist mom as that influence. She has seen me through the most trying times, when even my shadow seemed to have left my company, so to say; she has taught me to remain unabashed even when I feel broken or shed tears; she says it’s normal to feel this way sometimes and that it doesn’t make me weak, not if I start to rebuild myself by picking up my broken pieces and gluing them together, using my experiences, into a new whole. She taught me to glean every bit of good from every single experience and use it to help myself and others. It is from her that I learnt that fear and faith are two faces of the same coin and that only faith can put one’s fears in check and help one overcome them. Mom taught me how to be so positive and full of faith in the power of good that, no matter what happens, I can let go of it like water off a duck’s back and go on with my own life, after taking the intended lesson; after all, stagnancy is death; but the fight to survive, putting one determined step in front of the other, is what defines life and makes it worth all the pain. I still have fears, quite a few of them, actually; but I’ve learned how not to let them become my masters.

I’ve changed; my experiences and my faith worked together to bring this change in me; I’d contemplated dying even, at times; but Time has healed my wounds, though the scars are there still, like the marks of pride of a battle-scarred knight; and what hasn’t killed me, has only made me stronger.

About Seoti:

Seoti Bhattacharyya used to work as an editorial assistant in a reputed publishing house in Kolkata; currently, she is preparing herself for PhD entrance and pursuing a Masters in English in distance mode, while also enjoying being married. Writing short stories, poems and essays on various topics is her artistic pursuit; blogging is her way of making herself heard. She first started writing when she was twenty-five and since then, she has adhered to it seriously. She finds that writing helps her reach out to people and connect with them on a whole different level; therefore, she now thinks of writing as her purpose in life. She is an avid reader and horror, fantasy and detective/thriller fiction top her reading list. She has just started working on her first novel and finds it a mixed experience. Every fortnight or so, she takes time out of her schedule to write blogs on topics that interest her. Her hobbies are travelling, learning languages, listening to music and watching movies.

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Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed in the guest post are solely the guest’s. The owner of this blog makes no representation as to the originality, accuracy or completeness of any information in this post.



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Blurb for “How I tamed the dragon named fear”

downloadKeeping in mind the theme of my my next book, How I tamed the dragon named fear, I am planning to include voice of the reader as a part of the book. For those of you who don’t know about my upcoming book yet, How I tamed the dragon named fear is a short self-help book on fear.

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What scares you?

This July, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. I am trying to complete a short non-fiction book that I had started last September.  The book is titled How I tamed the dragon named Fear? 

As you can guess from the title of the book, it is about Fear. I have always been a timid person. I have been afraid of snakes, of people, of social situations, of examinations, of leaving my family behind and countless other things. There have been very few days in my life when I have woken up in the morning and felt really confident, to take the world in my stride.

Fortunately, my situation has improved over time. Over time, I have grown less and less afraid. I still don’t claim to be the bravest person in the whole wide world. I still wouldn’t watch Conjuring 2 even if you paid me to do so. But I have become more comfortable in my skin, and better prepared to deal with fear and the emotions that are associated with being afraid. I felt that if I could write my experiences down, it might become a nice self-help guide.

HITTDNF is going to be very small non-fiction, full of examples from my own life. It is also my first experience at writing personal essays. I am enjoying this different writing experience. As part of research for this book, I want to know more and more about Fear. I want to know how this Fear is experienced by others, how much Fear controls the way we behave and if we can ever really become completely fearless.

I would love if you guys can start a discussion in the Comments below regarding your thoughts on Fear. Share with me situations in which you have been utterly paralyzed by Fear. How did the situation end? Have you learnt anything from that experience? If that situation were to repeat, would be feel as afraid? I am looking forward to your responses. You shall be helping me with my book as well by participating in this discussion, so TYPE ON!