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J for Japanese – 2

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I am currently in my fourth week of Japanese course. Yesterday, we had our eligibility test post the 3 mandatory sessions. It went well, and I have a good feeling about it as I await the result. Clearing this test will mean that we’ll move forward in the remaining 6/7 week of Japanese lessons.

So far, we have learnt Hiragana, Katakana (learned that all foreign names must be written in Katakana) and some Kanji. I know numbers till 99 as well as the seven days of the week.

Learning a new language takes me back to my childhood days. I had long forgotten the days when it took me a few moments to read each word. I feel like I am in second standard of school again, standing in the class and reading out a passage from my English book, fumbling over the difficult words and my teacher, a kind lady in a maroon sari, helps me out. Even though I know the Japanese syllabary (for Japanese does not have alphabets, but only sounds), it takes me awhile to read out a sentence out loud. Yet, in spite of the time I take to pronounce a word, I am patient with myself. I don’t let myself feel bad that I am so slow. I savour every moment of this sweet struggle, for I know, before long, I shall read my Japanese as well as I read my English, and these days of trial and challenge would be long behind me.

Maybe I like this state because it makes me feel like a child again – where I have the freedom to make mistakes and not feel bad about them. Unlike my childhood, my mother is not there anymore pouncing on me to write my A’s and B’s correctly. I can take my own sweet time to learn to write, and when I am done, I become my own mother, own teacher and find my mistakes. I like this version of childhood so much better. That’s the beauty of learning at your own pace.

I’ll keep updating you all from time to time about my Japanese journey. Meanwhile, my ebook. Bound by Life is free for a few more hours on Amazon. If you have not downloaded it yet, do it right away! Happy Reading, folks!

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J for Japanese

About a week after I borrowed In Other Words from Kwench, I received an email in my office inbox. They are going to teach Japanese to people who are interested.

having read In Other Words, I know learning a language is not going to be easy. And I’m really not comfortable with the way Japanese and Chinese alphabets (if at all they are alphabets) look. They look like hieroglyphics to me!

But anyways, two other guys in my team signed up for the course, and I realized I didn’t want to miss out on the experience.

I already know a few words in Japanese: Arigatou, which is Thank You. Classes start from Tuesday. I am so excited about the new challenge!