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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Update #2

Hola writers and novelists and readers of the blog! I am back again with another update on my WriMo progress. It’s November the 9th and I am done with the 15K words, very much in line with the goal on … Continue reading

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Taking back control

For the longest time, My life was going downhill. D-O-W-N-H-I-L-L! People around me were leaving, By the day, I was becoming emptier. The emotions and inspirations that drove me once, No longer drove me. I waited for things to happen. … Continue reading

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Day 22: Camp NaNo (April)

I was looking at my monthly mobile pack usage earlier today. I have this Vodafone plan which gives me 500 free call minutes and 1 GB worth of internet. I never end up using the internet, but the call minutes … Continue reading

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1 year of professional life

A year ago, I was fresh out of college. Had dreams in eyes, but feet were firmly grounded in harsh reality. Having lived with working professionals during college, I had a glimpse of what life at work signified. One year … Continue reading

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This day last/this/next year

This day last year I boarded the train to Bangalore from Kolkata. Hours before we were to board the train, as we waited in the busy sidewalk of Dharmatala SBSTC bus stand, a fateful phone call informed us of my … Continue reading

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Monday Mumbles…

Good morning everyone! It is a cheerful Monday here in Bangalore. Though there are clouds as well, but they are shifting to show the sun. This morning I printed out the first (rough) draft of my second book. I had … Continue reading

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Sickened ramblings

Yesterday I wrote a post and let it remain in the drafts. It was the first day of the month and for the last few days I had been feeling poorly. It has more to do with my health. That … Continue reading

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