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Why relationships are so crucial?

As a kid, my parents dictated who I made friends with. They were not very enthusiastic about me going out with friends. I used to play in the neighborhood playground until a certain age. At any rate, girls my age … Continue reading

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I am confused because…

While I was growing up, when being a writer was not the primary need for me, I wanted to be a good person. That was a time when my mind was less conflicted, the definitions of right and wrong were … Continue reading

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Visiting home

It is November 6th, a day since I stepped into Kolkata. Am on a week-long break from work. I sailed amid the clouds (one of the most surreal experiences of my life) and came to a city awash with rains … Continue reading

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This day last/this/next year

This day last year I boarded the train to Bangalore from Kolkata. Hours before we were to board the train, as we waited in the busy sidewalk of Dharmatala SBSTC bus stand, a fateful phone call informed us of my … Continue reading

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Why Candour is a necessary tool to eliminate gossip?

For the last few days, I have been staying at the office-provided accommodation. I am living with people all across the country. At the office, there are even wider variations. with people from different countries working at the same place.┬áThe … Continue reading

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