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Some nights speak to you in poetry…

Some nights speak to you. It sits with you, as you hug yourself and tell yourselves lullabies. Some nights watch you like a predator, a big cat in the night. Shiny eyes sparkling through a tiny gap in the bush. … Continue reading

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The City-Dweller’s Diary | Part 1

Every year in March, the non-evergreens shed their leaves. They shed a year of growth, tiredness, hard work, boredom, memories and lifelessness and go on to become homes to tiny neon-green leaflets. To become young again. To make more memories, … Continue reading

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Hello, December!

Dear reader, A warm Hello to you. Where are you as you read this? Curled up in a warm blanket, with a coffee in your hand? Or are you in a bus or a subway, commuting to office and peacefully … Continue reading

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The perks of living in a small town

Continuing from my last post, which was a conversation about the perks of living in a big city, I wanted to highlight some points which are unique and enjoyable about small towns also. After all, nothing it pure white or … Continue reading

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Is this my life?

Note: This piece is part of Creative Writing series. I am walking on a lonely road. The road is not dark. It is illuminated by the yellow lamps of the shops on the side. It is populated by people walking … Continue reading

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Changes are good because…

Every time I come back from a break from home, I feel as if a new chapter of my life starts. The flights to and fro home give me ample time to ponder over my life and its priorities, and … Continue reading

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The past that lingers on…

I am in my hometown, Durgapur, on a break for a week. It is the month of monsoon, and what greeted me first was the all-encompassing greenery and the damp weather. Durgapur primarily has a tropical climate: hot, sweaty, sticky. … Continue reading

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