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What Nobody Told You About Happiness

Some days, you see/experience something that changes you in a fundamental way. Today happened to be one of those days.

For the last few days, I have been feeling restless. Heck, I have been restless all my life. I have an itch inside me which drives me to solve problems as soon as possible. I pay my bills almost as soon as they arrive in my email. I like to keep no debts. If a call has to be made, I would do it sooner than later. Finishing things make me happy. Accomplishments make me happy.

I am told multiple times that I talk too fast. Yes, I do. Because I trying to hard to keep up with the train of thoughts in my brain that is rushing so fast that I struggle to keep up with them.

I love flights. I love how quickly you can reach from a city that has burned you to a city that smells of love.

I am always in a hurry. Always. In. A. Hurry.

Today, I chanced upon a wonderful TEDx video of Saisha Srivastava from 2015 (when she was 20). Saisha is a dancer who collaborated with blind schools in Kolkata to teach visually impaired kids how to dance.

As I watched the video, the familiar sensation of time flying by held me and shook me up. She spoke fast, almost as fast as I speak when I am trying to catch up with my thoughts. And in those 17 minutes, I felt, once again, there is just so much left to be done in this life and I have probably not even started.

I keep watching these videos about solo travel, where people talk about staying the nights with random strangers and receiving kindness from the most unexpected places. That resonates with the core of my being. As humans, we die to hear good stories. It is ingrained in our genes – we live in our stories, we live through our stories.

We want more intriguing stories. We need more intriguing stories.

Saisha’s is a wonderful story to tell. Is yours?

If you have been part of something this beautiful, share your experience with me, down in the Comments.

See you in another blog.

Until then, either tell a story, or live one! ❤


Hello from a beautiful July morning!

It is a beautiful morning. The sun is hiding behind the clouds, but there is no gloom in the weather. The air is smooth. The temperature is optimum. I had a pleasant walk while coming to office. There is not discomfort in my body, no tiredness after a late night. I feel good.

It is a beautiful morning.

I woke up to the bell – my maid had come for cleaning. I lingered in bed for a few moments, waiting to see if any of my flatmates opened the door. Nobody likes to be the one to get up from bed and open the door for the maid in the morning. When no one else did, I had to go open the door. By the time I came back and was trying to get a few minutes of comfort in the warmth of my mink blanket, my roommate announced she had to reach office by 8.30 AM too, so I better get ready ASAP. Okay, boss!

I had been dreaming. In the dream,  I was aware of a semi-consciousness. It was as if I was actually awake and seeing the things happen. What ‘the things’ were, however, I do not remember. But I have a feeling that it was related to the unfinished task I had left in office on Friday. It was the last thought on my mind before I fell asleep last night – I had to debug a stubborn error in the code and get the script client-ready. I felt pretty tired in the dream, though. So when I got up from the bed for good, I wondered if I was going to feel well throughout the day.

We have a team outing scheduled today. I had missed the last due to ill-health. By the time I was walking to office, breathing in the fresh morning air, I knew it was going to be a beautiful morning.

So, here I am, at my desk. My bottle is filled with water. My pen is ready and I have a big copy by my side and a cool laptop where I am typing this. No one in my team is still here; the bay is almost empty. I love the silence!

Today is going to be a beautiful day.

On other news, I am Camping at Camp NaNoWriMo this July. I am working on a non-fiction I started last September. Hope to see it through completion by the end of this month. I have also been watching couple of old Bengali movies. I am fascinated by the magic of Satyajit Ray. Life’s good. How about you?