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When everything starts to fail – Dead pixels on laptop screen

This isn’t a tech blog. But it is a place where I come to when I am unhappy. So here goes the sad tale of my life.

About four days back, I noticed a small black line on the upper half of my laptop screen. It is a Lenovo G580. I have had it for over 3 and a half years now and except for a battery that discharges too quickly, I haven’t faced much of an issue with this baby.

When I first observed the black line, I did not understand what it was. I thought there was something scratch from the outside of the screen or some dirt.

I received the first shock when I opened the laptop the next day and found the black line had increased in length.


Day 2


Day 4

In these four days, I have read up a lot about dead pixels. I have used JScreenfix, which flashes the screen with different colours in order to revive the dead pixels. I have also tried pressure method – to rub the screen lightly with fingers. For the entire of last night I kept the laptop on with a dead pixel fixing Youtube video. When I woke up in the morning, of course the line had not vanished. Instead it had grown even longer.

I have asked around about this. Some had had black pixels for a long time and it had not spread for them. Others have experienced an accelerated growth. In the web, I read people mentioning that it is often a manufacturing defect.

But I am really shocked the rate of spread. It is like a bad cancer. Have any of you experienced something like this? Was it the result of any physical shock that the screen might have received (though, in my case, I can’t think of any incident with physical shock). How did you deal with it? Is the only solution to go for a LCD replacement? Do let me know about your experience. I guess I shall wait a few more days to see the spread and then go to the care center.