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Getting back on track – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about depression and how I have been recently trying to make some changes in my life to deal with it. I shared the post on Facebook. A lot of people have reached out to me after reading it. Most of them had no clue of what I have been going through and have been very supportive since. Even simple things, like a friend appreciating me for waking up early from seeing my Whatsapp last online status, felt good. I truly appreciate these positive reinforcements .

That said, I have also been actively trying to keep myself busy during the weekends.So far it has worked out great.

Last night, my colleague cum good friend told me about this nice breakfast place they had been to during a team outing, and if I would like to join her this morning. I said yes without thinking too much.

I woke up around 8 AM today, freshened up, did some hasty meditation (still trying to bring in some sort of discipline in it), ate couple of biscuits and a kiwi and got ready to go.

The place is near Hope Farm, which is only a few minutes drive from here. Pooja, my friend was waiting near A2B, Hope Farm junction and we walked together to the cafe.

The place is called The Ant’s Cafe. It’s an oldish house with a big front yard full of trees.  I don’t know so much about architecture, but I liked how the house was built. The place is a little unkempt (lots of fallen leaves), which probably adds to its aura. Besides, there are lot of ants crawling around.


I ordered French toast, peach and caramel smoothie while Pooja ordered omelette, waffle and watermelon juice.


The smoothie was a little too sweet for me, but definitely tasty! Yet, at Rs. 318 for the two things I ordered, I found the cafe a little too expensive for breakfast. But then I hardly eat out and wouldn’t know the running rates for breakfasts at different places.

I was supposed to meet another friend from college in the evening at the mall near my house, but he lives near Ant’s Cafe, so I ended up visiting him in his flat directly. Chatted for about 2 hours and then took a bus back.

I also bought some groceries while coming back, so my refrigerator is full right now with fresh food.

Going out is a experience in itself. Today, especially, I found the roads, the mall and the bus very crowded. Not sure what the occasion was. I travel very less in Bangalore, which is why I almost forgot the toils of travelling in a crowded local bus. But all in all, today was a good day.

Life is changing, and it is changing fast. For the first time, I am making an conscious effort to take care of myself, imbibe good habits. It did take an effort to zone out of the state that I found myself in, but slowly, I am recovering. I am feeling much calm about my life right now.

Will  be back with more updates. Until then, thanks for being part of my journey! A special shout out to all of you who reached out through comments/calls and are cheering me on. Blessed to have you all in my life.


Rotis and tortillas

It’s been a week that I joined a new team at work. The project I was working on since joining the company closed last to last week. Last weekend, I was slightly apprehensive of how the week would turn out to be.

As it was, I returned home late (past 10 pm) all the five days. I reach office at between 8.30 – 9.30 AM, so I have been spending close to 12-13 hours at work every day. It’s not new for a lot of people in the company, but when I was in the old project, we did some good hours (close to 9-10 hours) . I had predicted the change in hours beforehand, as the current project is a pilot.

This is also my first time experience working with an onsite. One day, during the call our onsite, an American woman, told us she had burritos. i wasn’t aware what it was, so I googled. From the look of it, I felt that it is similar to the Indian rolls. The base of an Indian roll is a roti or a chappati, which is quite similar in shape to the tortilla used in Tex-Mex burritos.

I am planning to make egg rolls tomorrow for lunch. It feels nice to cook yourself something nice once in a while. I made pasta today. For dinner I am thinking some rice and cauliflower, let’s see.


Pasta and cheese

It is gratifying how much you could learn in a year. When I came to Bangalore for the first time, I knew how to make a few things, but that was it. Now, I am a pretty reliable cook. Last to last weekend I had a teammate over and made parathas.

Yesterday we had team outing at Smaash. I had my first try at bowling. I suck at it. I tried almost 10 times and couldn’t hit a single pin! I kinda lost interest in it after that. I liked Vertigo though, I enjoyed the experience feeling like I was walking on a narrow plank miles above the ground level. It is amazing how Virtual Reality can trick your brain. The food was decent, but I have noticed that I very rarely like outside food that I eat here in Bangalore. I have had the chance of eating out in Kolkata, and it used to be so good that I kept wanting more. I don’t feel the same about Bnagalore. Then again, I have hardly eaten out much.

How has your weekend been going so far? Share with me in the Comments!