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Laughter is the best medicine

The last two weeks had been crazy at work – I had been returning late everyday. This week things are starting to look better. Here is what I ensured to make sure we start leaving on time: Setting right expectations … Continue reading

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When the Bengali awakens…

In September-October Bengali houses are dusted, broomed, cleaned. Clothes in cupboards are put in the sun. They get warm through the day and in the afternoon, the lady of the house brings them inside from the terrace, fold them neatly … Continue reading

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So it’s been two months since I came to Bangalore. The fear and insecurities that I had before stepping foot in this city were palpable in my blog-posts. Looking back upon those days, reviewing what I had been feeling at … Continue reading

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The Coffee Convert

I am neither a coffee nor a tea person. So far I have been happy to be so, because I have seen so many people (including my mom) complain of headaches if they do not get that cup of morning … Continue reading

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