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Mysore Dussehra Vlog

Hey there fellow readers!

In my last two posts, I talked about the wonderful trip to Mysore that I was on with my friend Pooja a week ago. I tried my best to capture my feelings while on the trip in those two posts, supported by some lovely photographs to bring you the flavor of Mysore Dussehra.

However, what the writing and the photograph cannot capture, motion picture can! The sounds of the cheering crowd at the procession, the guzzling water at Kukkarahalli Lake, the sound of fresh morning breeze as our auto rushed through the roads of Mysore – the energy of this can only be captured through videos. This was one of the main reasons why I started my YouTube channel last year – to be able to re-live bits of history several years later.

So, without further ado, I present to you The Mysuru Vlog:

I have received some nice comments from my friends and family on this video. Excited to know your thoughts as well. Also, if any of you is a fellow YouTuber, feel free to say hi on my channel. I’m pretty small myself, and am learning with every new video – would be happy to know some of you who both enjoy writing on WP and YouTubing.

Until later,

❤ Arpita ❤

Are you on IndiBlogger?

Hi Guys,

I joined IndiBlogger couple of days ago and my account was verified today. Excited to be part of this new community. Right now, I have added my YouTube channel as the primary blog, but the idea is also to add this blog there.

I think I have seen some of you being associated with IndiBlogger , but cannot quite remember who all. If you are on IndiBlogger, please comment below. I am still trying to figure out how to use the website and it would be great to have some familiar companions there.

Though I am a millennial, social media overwhelms me. I have mentioned before how I was off Facebook for sometime. I joined it back recently, primarily to let my circle know about the YouTube channel. However, I am only there on and off. I do not have the app on my phone (which I feel is the best away to stay away from addiction).

Right now, probably the most abused app on my phone is the YouTube Studio, which is a tool to track the performance of my channel. I keep refreshing it to see if there are new views and engagements on my videos.

I recently joined back Instagram (@arpitapramanick). I used to be on Instagram earlier in 2017, but my phone of that time wasn’t able to take up so many apps, so I had to get rid of it. I enjoy Instagram, I like to look at pictures. I think I am going to stick to it for a while.

Something else that I enjoy is Reddit. There’s a wonderful community for new YouTubers there, where we can discuss the issues that are facing, discuss milestones and generally, spread some positivism. It’s an amazing community. There are awesome subreddits for other things as well (for example the subreddit /aww where people keep posting cute animal pictures – it will make your heart melt).

Twitter, on the other hand, is not quite my thing. I remember using it quite a lot back in 2016 (I think), but I was not able to build a community there, so I guess, that’s that. I don’t even have it on my phone anymore

I have noticed that these days I am able to control my addiction of social media platforms a bit better than before. I am able to resist the urge of using it every moment of my life. However, I still have to a bit conscious and remind myself to resist the urge. For example, I’ll tell myself, “Do not touch the phone until you have finished this blogpost”. It is a constant war. I am trying to reach this balance where I am the one who controls my social media outlets and not vice versa.

What are the social media apps that you use? What do you find the most enjoyable? What are your social media struggles? Are you trying to get off this drug or have you mastered the art of dog-walking social media platforms? Let me know in the Comments!

The Lament of an Insomniac

Today, after so many days, I actually slept in the afternoon! I know, I know. At this point you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “People will blog about anything these days!”

Hold your judgement right there, sirs and madams! Insomnia is a problem. In fact, for me, it is perhaps the biggest problem. I can adjust with every inconvenience ever, only if you let me sleep for eight hours straight in the night.

For at least four weeks now, I had been dealing with lack of sleep. I would lie in my bed till three, four in the morning and wonder when the sleep fairy will shower some fairy dust on me and I will slip into dreamland.

And each moment that I was awake, I kept thinking why on Earth I was not falling asleep?

Mind you, I am a very active person. For a week in this sleepless period, I had been hitting the gym every day – hoping the physical activity will tire me to sleep. Na-da! I also cook my own food, clean my own dishes, walk to and fro from office, go for afternoon walk post snacks break – I am pretty active by a corporate cog standard. Then, why is it that I cannot fall asleep?

One can be sleepless for multiple reasons: stress, being disturbed due to noise or light in the night, etc. etc. These could have definitely contributed to my sleeplessness. But I think the biggest thing that stopped me from falling asleep was THINKING!

Yes, you read that right. Thinking! I will tell you what has been on my mind lately. My YouTube channel! On a fateful Saturday afternoon in December, after waking up from a cozy nap, looking pretty with my bed hair, I got inspired to start a YouTube channel. Since that afternoon to today’s, life has literally come full circle.

Let me tell you what happened in the last one month: I produced five videos (including this week’s) – one per week. Now, video-making, as easy as YouTubers may make it look like, it is not. It is a lot of work: starting with planning the topic to breaking down how to shoot each scene to finally shooting, editing and publishing the content for the world to see. It is like a day job in itself. It’s amazing how less we think of how much time-consuming a task is, unless we have to do it ourselves. When you are a newbie and are trying to do everything yourself, guess what happens? You keep frying your brain cells and end up being an insomniac. Trust me, my brain feels the most active at 4 AM in the night when I am struggling to sleep: I can literally see the myriad thoughts floating in my head.

I have been told, kindly, by a close friend, that I should consider publishing fortnightly instead of weekly, so I think less of video-making in a week. It’s a great suggestion, and I have thought about it myself. Thing is, I do not want to do it. Not yet!

Sleep is too small a thing to stop me from doing something I love. I have to find other ways for falling asleep. I have tried meditation, considered taking sleeping pills, kept the fan on to shut out the worldly noise. Nothing worked! So guess what I did last night? I called up a bunch of folks and spoke to them as long as it took to keep myself distracted from YouTube. Some great conversation there! I was up until 1.30 AM in the morning, shouting on the phone. I also watched a bunch of comedy shows on YouTube and laughed my heart out.

I was rewarded well for it. I did fall sleep, after playing a kill-or-get-bitten game with my bed-mates aka the bed-bugs.

When I woke up this morning, I was weak in the knees, but after the longest time, I was well rested. The only thing is I woke up with a croaky voice, thanks to all the shouting I did on the phone. Guess, you can only solve one problem at a time!

Until later, keep the murky thoughts aside and enjoy the warm sleep inside your blankets. May the sleep fairy be generous with you. ❤

P.S.: If you guys want to see the awesome videos that are keeping me from falling asleep, do check out my YouTube channel and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. As a teaser, I leave you with the latest video:


How to form great habits? Part 2

Hey guys,

The other day I posted a few tips on how to form great habits. It got quite some positive feedback.

Today, I had a couple of other ideas in mind. These ideas, I feel, are very relevant to forming great habits and I did not want to miss out on capturing them and sharing with you guys. So here are the two additional tips:

  1. Pick one new habit at a time: We want to change a lot of things. The worst thing that prevents you from realizing all of them is trying them all at the same time. I think it is important to give our brains enough time to process why we are making one particular change and help it form into a habit, before trying out something else. Lately, I was writing an article (for work) on mindfulness. While researching for it, I realized I should start meditating on a regular basis. But then, I started my YouTube channel and every other new, good habit in my life went for a toss. So for now, I decided to let YouTube sink in, become part of my everyday life, before I go on and pick another great habit.
  2. While forming in a new habit, keep up with the other good things that are already part of your schedule: For example, even though the first thing I want to do after waking up in the mornings is watch videos on how to make better videos, I resist the urge and make sure I am going to the gym. I motivate myself saying, going to the gym will make me look fitter and prettier in the videos. Whatever it takes to trick the brain! Continuing with the 10 other good habits that you have is essential because it helps your mind not to get saturated with that one new habit and prevents burnout.

So, those were my two tips! Let me know in the Comments if you found them useful. I will see you in another blog post.

Until then, take care and have a blast! ❤

Back to Vlogging!

Hey folks!

I have some amazing news this weekend! I finally managed to put a jump-start into my vlogging career. I have my first video recorded, edited and published to YouTube!

Now, I must warn you right here: the content on the vlog is currently not specific. The first video was created as a test to get myself ready for the process of vlogging. So, without further ado, presenting…

In January, 2017 I had first mentioned about vlogging on this blog – but as with everything, I move from one desire to another, like a butterfly in a garden filled with flowers. That’s what happened with the most part of 2017. However, I am happy that I am able to pick up on it by the end of year. I hope the vlogging bug will stick with me for a while.

I realize that my writing style is fairly conversational and can easily be extended to other channels. Besides, I have always been interested in cinematography and videography (even thinking of going to a film school later). Throughout college, my friends and I wanted to make short films. However, that never materialized because we did not have the required gear.

Two years down the line, now I have a good enough phone to record videos on. My policy with respect to creative content has always been to stick to something long enough so that it monetizes and gives benefits. This will guide my vlogging journey as well. I am not going to invest in any gear right away. I am planning to focus more on the content pipeline and getting the editing bit right before I actually splurge on any gear.

Nonetheless, I am excited to share a bit of my world with you through the vlogs. Please do watch the video, leave a comment and let me know how you found it. If there are any suggestions for videos, based on the how much you guys have come to know me through my blog, please let me know. I’ll be happy to accommodate such requests, I my gear allows me. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you get automatically notified of the updates!

I will leave you guys on that note. Have a great weekend!

Over and out! ❤


Two months without Facebook!

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to talk about my off-Facebook time. It’s been two months since I stopped using it.

People (read the older generation) tend to think that this generation is all about Facebook. However, after coming to Bangalore, I have seen so many people who are either not on Facebook or rarely ever use it. They are all my age!

When I was using my previous phone (Asus Zenfone 5 – my phone for 2.5 years), there was quite some memory constraint in using too many apps. So, I had started using Facebook from the browser. However, I used to get notified of any updates through the Google-pushed notifications. Often, the notifications were not relevant for me and it was a pain to go to the browser to check them.

Then, a week before I came back from Durga Puja break (which is also when I got my new phone), I decided to stop using it entirely!

I can think of a few reasons for this:

  1. The content on Facebook was no longer interesting for me
  2. I was tired of looking at other people’s photos of having fun, when I was practically not doing that great myself
  3. I did not have any meaningful friendships on Facebook
  4. Even though there wasn’t much interesting stuff going on, I had this annoying habit of refreshing my FB feed over and over again (within span of minutes or lesser), only to see the same stuff populated – I really needed to get off Facebook

My new phone, Moto G5 Plus, has enough memory for a bunch of apps like Facebook, but I didn’t bother. I decided against installing it.

In the beginning, it was difficult. My mind was so trained to find that blue icon on the bottom left corner of my home screen, that it took it time to get used to not seeing that app there. Suddenly, my phone felt empty! Like suddenly, I had nothing to do on my phone! I realized that Facebook was the single most (ab)used app on my phone. I did use WhatsApp and YouTube, but in much limited capacity.

I had put a perfunctory post before I stopped using it, directing people to reach out to me on WhatsApp because I will not be active any longer. A cousin called trying to understand why the hasty decision. There were other triggers to get back on the app – my brother wanted me to post a photo of the Diwali gift he had sent me (which I had put up as a WhatsApp status). I had to convince him to not feel bad about it because I won’t do it. It had only been a couple of weeks since I had gotten off the app, and I could not risk going back.

Naturally, something else had to take over. The two obvious ones are WhatsApp and Youtube. But WhatsApp by itself, does not present to you gossip (I mean it kind of does through the statuses, but only in limited quantity). So, I had to get used to the limited reach that I had to people. This, coupled with a free calling plan, triggered me to start calling people more often. I started doing video calls more. I started reaching out to folks whom I had not spoken to in years. Things began to change.

I also started using YouTube a lot more. I primarily browse videos on travel/cooking/financial stuff/work stuff/relationship advice etc. It has its own sweet way of helping me spend time. I have also started toying with the idea of starting to vlog. Actually, I did start my own channel in January this year, but it never took off. However, for last couple of weeks, I have been considering it again. Nothing is concrete in my mind, but I do want to do something in the visual medium at some point in time. I record myself sometimes these days, pretending as if I am on a vlog. However, it is going to take me a lot longer to put any content out there. I need to understand what gear to use, what the theme of my vlog should be. I am not planning anything right away.

Facebook, in its own way, tried to lure me back. They started sending me messages on the phone, with the notifications. But every time, I said I’ll pass. Now, I longer use Facebook (except for the automated blog-share feature) and I do not feel any urge to go back to it either.

How about you? Have you overcome a social media addiction or do you think you really need to give up on some? Share your experience with me in the Comments!

Until later, enjoy the lovely December days, as the Christmas bells come ringing along! ❤

Off to new starts – Launching my Youtube Channel!

I started my own Youtube channel today! I watch vlogs from time to time and do enjoy them, but never really considered having my own Youtube channel. The primary road block is the fact that I do not own a camera. I have a basic Android phone with an okay-ish camera, which is definitely not enough for the kind of videos I want to shoot. But videos, as a communication channel, have always intrigued me. I enjoy movies, I love movie making even more. Recently, I find myself being more interested in visually communicating my thoughts and what better medium than Youtube.

At this point I am not really sure what I want to do with the Youtube account. I don’t see myself buying a good camera anytime soon. But I have been reading more and more about book trailers these days – which are cool videos for book releases. I am planning to do a trial with my upcoming book, How I tamed the dragon named fear.  So if nothing, I can use my Youtube channel as a extension of my author platform. Nothing is decided yet, and only time will tell.

For today, let me share with you guys a 30-second video that I just published on Youtube. We had a kite flying session today at office to celebrate Makar Sankrati. The video was taken with my phone. It’s obviously not a great video, but it’s a start. That’s all I am focusing on right now.

Wish me luck!

Working on with “The Da Vinci Code”: Cymatics, An amalgamation of Art and Science

In my previous post, I talked about Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. In that I said that the book would act as a starting point for me in my quest of finding answers. But I never knew I will chance upon so many wonderful things through it!

One of the reasons why I loved The Da Vinci Code was becuase it explained the Greek alphabet Phi (which often denotes the golden ratio) so nicely. I am a student of Science and facts like these never fail to pique my interest.

After reading the book, I decided to watch the 2006 movie based on the book on Youtube. The version I found was dark and sped up and I did not like it so much. So I watched this video instead. It is not the movie, but rather how the movie was made.

And what a wealth of knowledge the video opened for me! Through it, I learnt that Da Vinci may have been dyslexic.

Following the book, the climactic scene of the movie was shot in Rosslyn Chapel. This video, however, does not exactly follow the last leg of Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveau’s quest of the Holy Grail as in the book and the movie, but it presents to us another wonderful secret that may have inspired the architecture of the Chapel: Cymatics. [The video is rather long at about 44 minutes, so if you want a quickie on Cymatics, check out the last ten minutes of the video]

Wikipedia defines Cymatics as “the study of visible sound co vibration.” As a student of science, I know sound propagates as waves and vibrations are the origins of sound. But I had no clue that the various tones and pitches of sound were actually capable of forming beautiful visible schematics on certain mediums, which may have inspired some of the engravings on the boxes of the Rosslyn Chapel!

Though towards the end of the Discovery video, Nick Boyes, the conservator of the Rosslyn Chapel argues that Cymatics was probably not the secret behind the engravings in the chapel architecture, but perhaps as Richard Castle would say, “Wouldn’t it be great if it was?”

I am usually not so enthusiastic about fantasy, but at one point in high school I was pretty convinced that there was indeed some universal law that would unite every field of study: science, art, philosophy, and even religion! Cymatics tickles that teenage fantasy.

At the same time, The Da Vinci Code makes me ponder on the authenticity of history. Was the world really as we know it to be? I know some would call Dan Brown’s book a bunch of conspiracy theories, but the man truly has opened up avenues for so many discussions in so many fields. And that, my dear friends, is his success!

If you’re still interested in Cymatics, you may check out this short video on TED.com:

Do you know of any other field of science that beautifully explains natural phenomena? Please share with me!