Life@Mu Sigma (Being Part of the Change) – Part 1

Like a lot of freshers, even I had second thoughts before joining Mu Sigma. But today I know why the experience is worth it! This is a part of a series of posts about the changes that I’m seeing in the company firsthand, changes that motivate and inspire me to be a better version of myself.

The Lady in Making

Before I came to Bangalore, before I joined Mu Sigma, I was at home close to four months. At that time I had another offer with TCS, so I was confused with the two choices. On one hand I had heard/read on the internet a lot of negative things about Mu Sigma. One the other, I wanted to stay closer to home, and if I joined TCS, I might have had a chance to work in Kolkata. But in spite of the negative things that I had heard about Mu Sigma, it had a charm of its own which pulled me towards itself – and so, in October 2015, I packed my bags and came to Bangalore.

Now that I am here and have been working in Mu Sigma for about five months now, I realize, besides enjoying working here, how liberating it is to be in a different city that…

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About Arpita

Arpita Pramanick is a little, young woman with a bright face (who'd rather not look directly into a stranger's eye) you'll find walking on the corridors of Mu Sigma, Inc. She tells herself she wants to be a properly published writer (by which she means she wants to be published from the likes of Penguin), but isn't really so sincere about writing everyday. So if you see her, tell her to go write. She'll love you for doing that!
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